The Work of Paul Harvey Scull

"Paul Scull is an artist who for the past twenty years has been investigating the idea of spatiality not of the physical known world but that which is hidden. It lies within and beyond our daydreams - the spiritual, the subconscious, the emotional and intuitive. Paul is not interested in distracting the eye by pictorial representation. His self-initiated challenge has been to evoke this unseen world by other means through the creation of minimal, often monochromatic abstract works."
Hodson, C and Laffan, A .
'The State of Art V' Volume 1
Courtesy of Bare Hill Publishing

"Since earliest times, artists have sought to give form to human experience that is beyond the mundane realities of the everyday. This metaphysical realm adds a dimension to life that can inspire bliss as well as fear and dread."
Sublime: Darkness and Light.
Introduction to Works in an Arts Council
Touring Exhibition